Location Optimized Commerce


"The physical location or residence of your business has become more, not less, important since the dawn of electronic commerce. Location affects economics, tax, regulatory compliance, supply sources and many other elements. Location may be the single most significant decision to be taken in international Internet based trade and commerce. Companies that choose wisely will have major price and competitive advantages over those that do not. Our LOCI program is the roadmap for companies with overall forward looking strategic vision for electronic commerce"



The purpose of this page is to crystallize the concept that taxes are an option in e-commerce. The statement that the only certainties are death and taxes, no longer applies. Equally important is that the e-commerce company's decision as to its level of taxation must be taken at the outset. It cannot be delayed until the business is up and running. By then you may be committed to a jurisdiction from which you cannot escape.

Hansa.net's program of "Location Optimized Commerce on the Internet" ("LOCI"), embodies essential and legitimate elements that will allow you to make choices with respect to the level of business taxation to which you are subjected.

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