About hansa.net

Corporate Profile

Hansa.net was formed in 1978 to perform computer systems development and software design. In 1985 the Company became publicly traded, and subsequently expanded into software product development, marketing, international trade technology and incubator/accelerator services.

The Company's vision was "Location Optimized Commerce on the Internet" (LOCI); helping international clients understand that taxes are optional and accordingly, to conduct and locate their global business more efficiently in light of that fact. Hansa.net value added profit can be as much as 30% greater than that of a non LOCI business.

Hansa.net was originally a Canadian corporation resident in Vancouver, British Columbia. In December 1996 management demonstrated one of its proven progams by moving the Company's residence from Canada to the zero tax haven of Anguilla while maintaining its public stock exchange listing. This is an example of the type of solution that Hansa.net provides for its clients.

The Company's control was sold to Chinese interests in 2012 who changed its name to KMT-Hansa Corp.